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Your Trusted  Partner

"Smile at the obstacle, for it is a bridge" - Medusa

 weflow consulting is a strategic growth consultancy,
covesting & advising early-stage companies
on successfully building & scaling their international businesses.

Strategic Growth Partner for scaling

Florent Coudyser is a tech-centric senior leader with a genuine passion for building successful startups and fostering business growth across Europe. Florent approaches each venture with an insatiable curiosity and a genuine desire to make a difference. Having experienced the challenges and pains of growth firsthand, both as an entrepreneur and as a team lead, Florent possesses invaluable insights into the intricacies of scaling.


He proudly served as the first-ever international partner of the fashion mogul, Zalando, marking a significant milestone in his career. Moreover, his contributions to WeTransfer led to an impressive year-on-year growth rate of 298% in France, solidifying his reputation as a catalyst for success. Florent, alongside his team, is dedicated to supporting founders in expanding their businesses on an international scale.

With his extensive industry knowledge, particularly in tech, future of work, web3, climate tech, and e-commerce, he is a true expert in his field. Additionally, his multicultural background adds a unique perspective to his work, allowing him to navigate diverse environments with ease.


As an investor and active member of Upscalers, Florent fully believes in the companies he supports and even co-invests in their success.

His superpower lies in enabling tech founders to transcend borders, both physical and  digital, by building bridges of collaboration and fostering a mindset free from limitations. 


Client testimonials 



​"The 'Eiffel Tower' strategy we developed together with Florent worked out great! We are now collaborating with leading brands such as Saint Laurent, KENZO & Chanel globally. The results speak for themselves: 298% YoY growth in net revenue"

Natascha Chamuleau,

Chief Advertising Officer 

Client portfolio (selection)

Co-vesting with Start-ups,
Working with Scale-ups, 
Partnering with Investors
& Ecosystem Partners
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Track record

NPS 60+

125 companies

167 founders

15 countries

More testimonials

Rob van Nuenen


"10/10  I already recommended you to a couple of others :-) Adds value by mostly to align all the information that is already available within the team(s). And to discuss in general why we are doing the things we do at the moment. I think you  put it in words really well. You made it clear what the core business of Channable is and how to adapt it for the French culture and market. I really like the clear structure you brought into the meetings, together with the insights of both the French culture and the market. Always there with a smile, which made it easy to start a discussion. Your critical view made us improve our approach "

Hugo Manoukian


" 2 major things. Building trust - helped ceo and team to feel more confident about the move especially with step by step approach. Raising awareness around key triggers and milestones."

Kaya Taner


"Calm but also energetic, thought through, very pleasant to talk to and really great strategic questions! You are great listener and very empathetic to the team, a deep understanding and great facilitation to identify core problems and XRay a market + very strong project management with clear to-dos outcomes and oversight and MOST OF ALL: impactful hands-on support (this for me is the most valuable, e.g. connecting us to the right people. You don't shy away from really helping out hands on. Love that."

Arjan Tabak


"Razor-sharp, knowledgeable and fun to work with. Florent helped us sharpening our focus and approach every session again, while providing many practical tips and examples from his past experiences. It is amazing to see how much we have learned and tuned along the way."

Han Kleppe


"Awesome work

& great coaching!​"

Christopher Kollat


"Learned excellent insights from Florent and his team how to properly go to market in France!"

Siebren Roorda


"Flawless execution, 100% commitment, great people"

Tarek Ouagguini


"Florent was a great mentor for Happydemics in 2019, at a time when we needed to adapt our product to the various markets we are addressing today. Florent is a highly skilled professional with strong mentoring abilities! It was a pleasure to work with him! I did not admit at the time we worked together. 3 years later, Florent was so spot on, we were not ready at that time, we learned a lot through his feedback and questions, this was very useful to get to where we are now"

Joran Iedema


“The coaching with Florent has given us a much more structured approach to internationalisation. We are launching a pilot in the UK and analysing user feedback before entering the market."

Amanda Soukoulia


I had the pleasure to be mentored by Florent as part of SEEMS participation in the EIT Rocket Up programme. Florent is an expert in his field and has the ability to share his expertise in a friendly and comprehensible way. Any startup would be lucky to have Florent as a mentor.

Alexander Planitzer


Florent became a mentor for me and my Co-Founder. It's not just the pure knowledge and experience, but much more the sensitive understanding of the obstacles that founders need to solve nowadays that is fascinating working with Florent. Even after finishing the coaching I am in regular exchange with him - and it's always very valuable and constructive. I can highly recommend working with Florent when it comes to entrepreneurship in the tech industry.

Kiran Gange


I was truly amazed at how quickly Florent was able to grasp our strategic needs in our industry. Florent was then able to help us think through the business questions at hand and to help us discover the best plan to move forward. His range of international experiences are very deep and he will be a fantastic mentor or a team member on any venture. A sincere thanks from all of us here at RapidPricer :).

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